OPENWRT e DD-WRT – Alternativa open e free a Cisco IOS


OPENWRT e DD-WRT – Alternativa open e free a Cisco IOS Scarica il file PDF

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EasyList Italy + EasyList AdBlock


EasyList Italy+EasyList Add these following lines to adblock.sources.gz (located on /etc/adblock/):

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Widget ATM Milano

widget atm milano

Widget ATM Milano Eccovi un utile Widget per visualizzare il tempo di attesa per le fermate di superficie ATM Milano di interesse. Visto che l’ATM (Azienda Trasporti Milanesi) non ha previsto un widget di questo tipo, ho pensato di realizzarne uno utilizzando Json e Python. Screenshot È possibile realizzare il proprio widget inserendo i codici […]

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Mysql backup databases separate files


Mysql backup databases separate files The reporting output:

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Gnuplot vmstat

vmstat gnuplot

Gnuplot vmstat After you installed following packages: you can run collect-data script: Crontabize the plotting script: configure your report program and run it: Actually, those scripts are running on this machine, so you can see results below:

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Irc Shell Bot

One day i say to myself: “How can i send bash commands towards an irc query?”. So I(rc)S(hell)B(ot) was born (: It was written in perl language. It is a simple and secure way to use a shell towards irc servers. Simple cause you have to put only “!” (for channel output) or “@” (for […]

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Debian on Webby… Debby!


Debian on Webby… Debby! Instructions Start from last Vodafone firmware; extract, debian-mini.img.gz and swapfile.gz on your MMC card (preferred class 10); update your webby’s firmware (inserting MMC card and holding down two external buttons on boot); telnet on webby’s ip address (shown on system info menu) on port 5116 using user and pass contained […]

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Generatore di Certificati

Ssl Certificate

Generatore di Certificati CRT CSR KEY

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Web Server Benchmark Plot

Screenshot WSBP

WSBP – Web Server Benchmark Plot

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