Irc Shell Bot

One day i say to myself: “How can i send bash commands towards an irc query?”. So I(rc)S(hell)B(ot) was born (: It was written in perl language. It is a simple and secure way to use a shell towards irc servers. Simple cause you have to put only “!” (for channel output) or “@” (for […]

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Debian on Webby… Debby!


Debian on Webby… Debby! Instructions Start from last Vodafone firmware; extract, debian-mini.img.gz and swapfile.gz on your MMC card (preferred class 10); update your webby’s firmware (inserting MMC card and holding down two external buttons on boot); telnet on webby’s ip address (shown on system info menu) on port 5116 using user and pass contained […]

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Generatore di Certificati

Ssl Certificate

Generatore di Certificati CRT CSR KEY

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Web Server Benchmark Plot

Screenshot WSBP

WSBP – Web Server Benchmark Plot

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