EasyList Italy + EasyList AdBlock


EasyList Italy+EasyList Add these following lines to adblock.sources.gz (located on /etc/adblock/):

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Working compatible Dualshock 3 (i.e. PLAYSTATION(R)3Conteroller-ghic) on OSX

Funny playing with compatible (then cheap, about 15 euros) bluetooth PS3 dualshock (i.e. PLAYSTATION(R)3Conteroller-ghic). Conteroller or controller? Ghic or geek? Misspelling or something went wrong. To have a working compatible dualshock 3 (e.g. SHENGHIC 2009/0708ZXW-V1Inc.) you have to modify┬ácom.apple.Bluetooth.plist HIDDevices and DeviceCache sections adding your device; to avoid pairing request problem modify BRPairedDevices and PairedDevices […]

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Debian on Webby… Debby!


Debian on Webby… Debby! Instructions Start from last Vodafone firmware; extract firmware.zip, debian-mini.img.gz and swapfile.gz on your MMC card (preferred class 10); update your webby’s firmware (inserting MMC card and holding down two external buttons on boot); telnet on webby’s ip address (shown on system info menu) on port 5116 using user and pass contained […]

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